A Simple Guide on How to Collect Customer Data

If you are running a towing service business, you know the importance of collecting data about your customers to improve on different aspects of your business. To have a better understanding of your customers, you must collect data. This is the reason why customer service teams probably have a better understanding of customers than any other team. When you have a true understanding of your customers, you can personalize their experience, deliver a very excellent customer service and make better business decisions. To be able to achieve all that, you must devise smart ways to collect customer data, protect the data collected and make the most out of the data you have. Here are some of the smartest ways to collect data about your customers.

Google Analytics

One way to collect data about your customers is through your website. Many people make use of Google analytics to go about the same. When using Google analytics, you will be able to see demographic and geographical characteristics of your customers. Additionally, you will be able to see all engagement data as well. You can gather customer data such as referral sources, page views, conversion details, bounce rate, time on page among others. All these metrics present a great source of quantitative data. While you will not be able to extract analysis from your numbers, you can use other sources to further analyze your audience behavior.

Customer Service Software

If you are having customer service software, you can use those applications to collect vital customer data. You will be able to see ticket volume, response rates as well as gathering feedback through surveys. Your customer service software should help you develop an understanding of when your customers need help, any problems they are facing with your products or services and how customers can have a better connection with you. All these analytics can be beneficial to help you determine customer satisfaction and understand all areas you need to improve in your business.


Another excellent way to gather customer data is to ask for it. You can send surveys or questionnaire to your customers and collect vital data. With surveys, you can make use of Net Promoter Score, which is a satisfaction benchmark that measures how likely a customer is to recommend your business to a friend. The most important thing when conducting survey is to come up with the right questions. With surveys, you can gather interests, customer preferences and tastes among others. You can conduct a survey to see which products are most popular among your customers. Surveys present a great way to gather both quantitative and qualitative data.


Interviews also present another great way to collect customer data. Interviews are essentially an extension of surveys. Through interviews, you can ask open ended questions to gather qualitative data. You can conduct interviews through different ways such as in-person, over the phone, or even through a webs chat service. The reason you might opt to conduct interviews instead of surveys is if you want more responsive and customizable approach. An interviewer can ask follow up questions and get to know why customers answer the way they do.

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