Strategies to Reverse Your Sales Productivity Problem

Research has shown that good salespeople spend less than a third of their time selling. More time is spend managing various administrative tasks that are related to sales. They spend more time managing their sales than making them. Whether you are a salesperson, executive in sales, or any other investor in a growing organization, you probably have a better understanding of the collateral damage that would occur when salespersons are not selling. Most organizations have reps who have hit a sales plateau and struggle to make sales. To help you reverse your sales productivity problem, and empower your team to get back on track, here are some tactics to include;

Map the customer acquisition process.

The fundamental goal here is to narrow down your options and eliminate all issues that cause you to be distracted from the actual selling process. In sales, the value lies in the variance. In sales, the value lies in the variance because selling is a highly dynamic open-loop process. The more complex your offering, the greater the variance and complexity that must be managed. When creating a repeatable process, the key is to break the process down and establish a system. Doing so will enable you to make the repeatable process a series of mini processes that can be plugged in as needed.

Create a clearly defined sales level agreement

The single biggest and most common mistake most organizations make is the lack of a clear definition of leads, situations, and progression. This leads to a lot of chaos and confusion because processes are not aligned. Organizations that are great in selling have a crystal clear service level agreement that defines what every lead definition means and what is expected from every business unit. A strong SLA will enable everyone, especially those in sales, to spend a good chunk of their time focused on selling situations, rather than trying to figure out what to do and when to do it. Doing so also creates a greater discipline and velocity.

Stop focusing on efficiency

Today’s sales reps need a scorecard to keep track of the technologies they are using, be it CRMs, email tracking, document sharing, among others. When you add market automation, lead scoring, and forecasting, you begin to have a clear idea of all the processes involved in selling. With technology, well-crafted content, and clearly defined strategies, reps can only become smarter in selling. Ensure reps do not spend a lot of their time trying to figure out what they need and where to go. When trying to maximize the efficiency of every business unit, it’s easy to find yourself off the mark. Your goal should not be on focusing on efficiency but instead, focus on velocity.

You need to design and execute contextual plays. Sales reps either spend no time thinking and executing sales strategies and are focused to spend so much time thinking about what to do, thus lacking vital time to brainstorm and strategize. For every plan and strategy, you lay down, you need to integrate and automate your playbook. Manual processes can slow you down and negatively impact your sales productivity.

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